It is important to think about the features and prices of various brands when you are considering purchasing the stairlift. While most top brands offer similar features to their models, pricing and other features might differ from one brand. Begin by examining the prices of standard models offered by every manufacturer. If you have stairs that curve you’ll need to order a custom made model. This can add more to the cost, so be sure to ask the vendor for more information before you purchase.

Handicare Xclusive

Handicare is a leading company in the field of mobility equipment . It is widely recognized as one of the best stairlift manufacturers. They manufacture high-quality, affordable mobility equipment which can be customized to your specifications. The Handicare Xclusive stairlifts feature a range of innovative features. The company has offices in Europe, Scandinavia, the United States, and elsewhere all over the world.

stairlifts prices has a variety of top-quality features, including a color-contrasted battery house and user-friendly controls. It also has power footrests, a swivel, and the ability to swing. Furthermore, it comes with a range of features that can be beneficial for people with arthritis. It is possible to look at different pricing options based on the kind of stairlift that you are seeking.

AmeriGlide Horizon

AmeriGlide is among the top manufacturers of stairlifts in the United States, and they produce both used and new models. They offer a range of options to fit every budget, and offer warranties of up to 10 years. The company is located in Wisconsin and manufactures all its products in the United States. It has been serving the accessibility market for over 35 years and is a leader in the market for stairlifts.

AmeriGlide offers 12 different models of stairslifts that are suitable for use outdoors or indoors. They come with adjustable seat widths, flip-up armrests and safety sensors to guard against injury.


Stannah offers a range of stairlifts to choose from, including straight models, curved models and outdoor models. Stannah has three straight lines of stairlifts as well as one curved line. These include the Siena, Starla, and Sadler. The Siena model is the simplest model and comes with basic features, while the Starla and Sadler models are more sophisticated equipped with customizable seats and key locks.

The stairlifts manufactured by Stannah can be used on single or double-tube staircases. They feature the vertical rail, which has an exposed gear rack as well as a hinged rail. Stannah stairslifts are available directly from the company or through dealers.


Harmar stairlifts are safe and have many features, such as pressure and obstruction sensors. They also come with brakes and cutoff switches. Some models are equipped with automatic retractable rails that prevent the risk of tripping. Harmar stairlifts come with key locks.

Harmar manufactures stairlifts for sale which can assist the elderly get through their homes without difficulty. The stairlifts are affordable and will be fully paid for in a few years. The company offers straight and curved stairlifts and even rugged outdoor models.