Technology is nothing but the combination of science and technology and applied to enhance the current human endeavor. Technology is the resultant of various techniques, tools, systems, and practices used in the achievement of specific objectives, for the creation of new goods or services or for the efficient management of existing goods and services, and for the efficient operation of particular systems. In simple terms, it is a combination of various known or invented things. There are a number of technologies that have been developed over time and have become integral elements of our lives. Some of these are communications technology, computer technology, information technology, health care technology, information technology, personal computers and the like.

The influence of technology on the human world is tremendous. All areas of human activity face the technological reality. For instance, new medicines are developed to cure diseases. It is the ever-growing impact of technology on all aspects of human life that has made it an important part of our lives. Technological progress is so pervasive that it has rendered most occupations obsolete and that there are more people employed in data entry and other manual tasks than those engaged in manual work.

The scope of technology has become such that it is difficult for most individuals and groups to live without some form of technology in their daily lives. This is because technology has become so integrated into our lives that many of our most basic needs cannot be satisfied without technology. Transportation is made possible by vehicles and airplanes, television is available in a huge number of channels, and the internet is available through high speed networks and satellites. Information and communication technology helps us manage our careers, our finances, our friends and our relationships. In fact, technology has become so integrated into our everyday lives that many of our basic needs can be satisfied with the aid of a computer, an online search engine, or a mobile phone.

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, the possibilities for advancement are becoming endless. Even areas hitherto considered impossible, such as communication and engineering, are being successfully developed. It is interesting to note how the influence of technology on society has widened the divide between the haves and the have-nots. Whereas in earlier periods of history, technological development took much longer, we are now witnessing the opposite trend, with technology improving the lives of the poor while creating wealth for the wealthy.

The impact of technology on our lives has produced many positive effects, but it also has created many negative consequences. Some of these consequences are very visible and obvious. The spread of disease, for example, has been greatly reduced due to the invention of antibiotics and other medications. While this has benefited many individuals, it has also created a rise in obesity and related medical problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Another negative effect of technology is pollution, which results not only in physical pollution but also mental pollution because of the fear and anxiety associated with driving an automobile in today’s world.

The negative effects of technology are beginning to impact the way many businesses and industries operate. Many businesses are having to downsize or become extremely automated because they are not able to cope with the rapid advancements in computer technology. Employment levels in many industries have decreased because there are not enough qualified workers to take their places. This situation has led to many businesses having to create jobs, often on the temporary basis, in order to keep their business afloat.

One area that is seeing the rapid advancement of technology is in the field of entertainment. Video games and high-tech television shows have resulted in many people having a number of hours of free time. Not only have these technologically advanced devices created many new jobs, but they have also led to people having a number of leisure time during the day. Without the availability of DVD players and televisions, many people would spend their leisure time at home, at the office, or at the video game console.

Another area where technology is rapidly advancing is in the realm of education. Many more colleges and universities are now using the Internet as a main platform for conducting educational classes. Students can log onto courses from anywhere in the world and are able to take the class from whichever location they choose. In addition, some students are even able to learn from home on their own. As more technological advances are made, the more jobs this will create and the fewer jobs we will see in the near future.